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We can also supply the canvases in kit form. The canvas is printed and sprayed with a protective lacquer and rolled. The kit contains the rolled canvas, stretcher bars and wedges and assembly instructions. These are ideal for deliveries outside of the UK.

Regular Sizes
  Our image Your Image
32"x20" £85.00 £65.00
20"x12" £70.00 £50.00
16"x10" £50.00 £30.00


Panoramic Sizes

  Our image Your Image
60"x20" £180.00 £160.00
48"x16" £135.00 £115.00
36"x14" £95.00 £75.00


Assembly Instructions

Your kit contains:

You will need:

  • 4 stretcher bars
  • 8 wedges
  • 1 hanger bracket
  • 2 screws
  • The printed canvas
  • A staple gun and staples
  • A small hammer
  • A posidrive screwdriver
  • A flat surface to work on


2a1. Assemble the corners making sure that the ridge is on the same side of each stretcher bar. 3a2. The assembled corner should fit snugly together. 4a3. Check that the assembled frame is square by measuring across the diagonals.
5a4. Lay the canvas face down on a clean surface and place the frame on top with the ridged edge in contact with the canvas. Use a strong stapler to attach the canvas to the frame. 6a5. Staple the two longer edges first followed by the two shorter edges. Work from the centre out towards the corners. You might need to tap the staples down with a small hammer. 7a6. Fold the corners in keeping the canvas tight to the corner of the frame.
8a7. Make sure the fold in the canvas runs along the edge of the corner. 9a8. Keep the canvas tight as you form the corner. 10a9. Staple the corner down. It should look like this when finished.
11a10. Repeat for all four corners. 12a11. Insert the wedges into the slots in the corner of the stretcher bars. 13a12. Tap the wedges into the corners to stretch the canvas. Attach the hanger with the two screws.

Fix the hanger

13. Finally attach the hanger to the centre of the frame using the two screws.

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