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A new creative business opened its doors in Highcliffe last October and things are going from strength to strength. Karen Fountaine has spent her entire career in the imaging trade, obtaining a unique insight into the trends of an ever-changing market place and this experience has created In The Frame.

“Highcliffe is an area packed with artists,” explained Karen, “ so there was a call for this type of outlet, but you also have to diversify to survive, so my time spent within the imaging trade meant I could utilise all of my experience”.

The business offers a bespoke framing service with over 200 mouldings and mount colours to choose from to make the product stand out as a complete work of art. In fact almost anything can be framed, from football shirts and cross stitch to medals and coins.

Restoration of old and damaged photographs is available to create a renewed memory of a once lost memory. After displaying a framed sample of a damaged and repaired photograph, in the window, photograph restoration has now become a very popular part of the business.

Karen’s passion for customer service is the element that is making the difference, “ I have a customer who doesn’t drive so I collect and deliver to them, this is what it’s all about, exceptional customer service – going the extra mile”

Karen also believes “ listening to your customers is the most important thing you can do, and the business thrives on their continual input”. Karen is juggling every aspect of this business and is relishing the challenge, and she feels “ it is important to put true customer service back into the High Street, you have to listen to your customers and the business has to grow, so it has to be a place they come back to time after time, and they will tell their friends and a personnel recommendation is the best advertising you can buy”.

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