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Barton-on-Sea Sunrise

This is our latest image of Barton-on-Sea now included in the In The Frame collection of images, taken on a perfectly clear morning - its all about being in the right place at the right time!

Available as a canvas or print version.   

barton sunrise fb

Photographic Restoration

This restoration was fun. The original looked like it had been used as a beer mat. It was faded, but the detail was still there and was brought up by a contrast increase. The bush behind was cloned where necessary and the arm of the gentleman on the right was borrowed from the gentleman on the left. The legs that were evident on the very right were cloned into the background as he was not known to the customer, which is helpful as his top half was missing. We finished the final image in a cool sepia. We had succeeded in doing what we always aim to do, which is, produce a renewed copy of a once lost memory.

Restoration 6

Medal Framing

Our customer wanted to do justice to the memory of his Father and Grandfather, but had no real idea as to how he wanted the inherited medals displayed, so we took a bag of memorabilia and turned it into a historical memory. Interestingly one of the tins still contains the original chocolate bar, sent to the front, during WW1. As usual the photographs have been copied and the originals returned to the customer. All the ribbons where ok, so we didn’t need to replace those. We used a double mount, in Off White and Maple Green, the medals are backed with Off White. We used a deep dark oak frame to accommodate the depth of the medals and the cap badge.

Restoration 8

Supercar Framing

We were commissioned to make this image more impactive than having just a plain frame. Keeping the mechanical theme the technical information images were downloaded and montaged together to make the picture mount. The orange colour tone was matched with the car to create the slim orange mount and added inside a graphite aluminium frame. Very stunning!

orange sports car

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