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Celebration of 5 years trading 2013


Just for fun I had this caricature done to celebrate 5 year of trading, it has been an amazing time. The business has grown beyond my expectation and I am looking forward to the next 5 years.

Arrival of the desktop digital printer, 2012


Highcliffe lost its only outlet for Passport photographs, so we decided to offer the in-house service, and purchased a desktop digital printer (seen in the image on the right ).

An appointment is not necessary and it takes about 5 minutes to produce the image for your passport, driving license, blue badge, visa or I.D. photograph. This machine also allows the customers to print from their camera cards or USB sticks, images from I-phones and I-pads need to be e-mailed to us first and then we can print them out for the customer.

Echo advertising Mid-2009

pr image-sm

A new creative business opened its doors in Highcliffe last October and things are going from strength to strength. Karen Fountaine has spent her entire career in the imaging trade, obtaining a unique insight into the trends of an ever-changing market place and this experience has created In The Frame.

“Highcliffe is an area packed with artists,” explained Karen, “ so there was a call for this type of outlet, but you also have to diversify to survive, so my time spent within the imaging trade meant I could utilise all of my experience”.

The business offers a bespoke framing service with over 200 mouldings and mount colours to choose from to make the product stand out as a complete work of art. In fact almost anything can be framed, from football shirts and cross stitch to medals and coins.

Restoration of old and damaged photographs is available to create a renewed memory of a once lost memory. After displaying a framed sample of a damaged and repaired photograph, in the window, photograph restoration has now become a very popular part of the business.

Karen’s passion for customer service is the element that is making the difference, “ I have a customer who doesn’t drive so I collect and deliver to them, this is what it’s all about, exceptional customer service – going the extra mile”

Karen also believes “ listening to your customers is the most important thing you can do, and the business thrives on their continual input”. Karen is juggling every aspect of this business and is relishing the challenge, and she feels “ it is important to put true customer service back into the High Street, you have to listen to your customers and the business has to grow, so it has to be a place they come back to time after time, and they will tell their friends and a personnel recommendation is the best advertising you can buy”.

Arrival of Canon ipf6100 printer may 2010


As the popularity of the large format canvas printing grew, we decided to invest in the option to have the canvas printing on site.

The best printer on the market was the Canon ipf6100. It is a 24” printer, giving the options to print standard images up to 32” x 20”, the nearest proportion to A1, and to print panoramic format up to 5ft x 20”. This gave a very wide range of sizes and proportions that we can offer to our customers, increasing our customer services dramatically. We now offer a print service to all our artist and photographer customers that cover all of their requirements, and, as we have full control over the image size and proportion, we can adjust and select and remove obtrusive parts of the image for them, to their exacting needs.

Pre-Christmas advertising, 2008


A new creative business has opened in Highcliffe, Dorset. Karen Fountaine has spent over 30 years in the imaging trade, obtaining a unique insight into the trends of an ever-changing market place, and this experience has created In The Frame.

The business supplies a Bespoke Framing Service – a large format Canvas printing service – and a photo restoration service, with each of these aspects of the business complimenting each other, creating an exceptionally high quality service and product.

All the services In The Frame provide will be easily accessible to the customer, by coming to Highcliffe or contacting us via the website or e-mail. If these are not convenient then, In The Frame will take the requirements to the customer. In The Frame will ensure outstanding customer service, exceptional product quality and competitive pricing.

Bespoke framing customers will have a very large range of mouldings to choose from as well as a full range of mount colours available to make the finished product stand out as a complete work of art. All framing requirements are completed with maximum customer input.

In The Frame will also have various local views available as prints, cards and postcards. Old and damaged photographs can be restored to create a renewed copy of a once lost memory. These really do thoughtful gifts and can also be mounted and framed.

In The Frame will provide unbeatable customer service and will always listen to customer feedback, so bring in that item you’ve been meaning to get framed or printed on canvas, or restored, that would make the ideal Christmas gift, or just come in and have a chat with Karen and see the services that In The Frame supplies.

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